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Backpack Zigzag

The zigzag backpack is a handwoven bag made by a women-cooperative in a small mountain village in Guatemala. The ancient zigzag symbol represents the annual cycle of time in Mayan tradition. The backpack big enough to fit a 17” laptop and equipped with extra interior and exterior storage pockets.

Detailing: camel leather, silver metal studs, red lining & zippers

 250,00 buy

about the makers

This bag is made by the cooperative of Chuwila based in Quiejel. Chuwila has an active membership base—led by Yolanda Calgua Morales—and respects the unique experiences of each of its members. They meet regularly to discuss new orders and business practices. The cooperative’s dream is to one day open up a shop to sell their products in the town of Chichicastenango.

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